Dr. Christian Pieper, Schorlemerstr. 32 in
 41464 Neuss, Germany
Tel: 0049-2131-779167, Fax: 0049-2131-779168
or Apdo 117 Cami de Ne Penyal
07560 Cala Millor / Baleares Spain
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The panoramic restaurant is managed by an owner company and the residents of Bella Vista and only works for tennis players, residents and members.

Ingrid and Jimy have been living on Bella Vista since January 1st, 2020 and mainly look after the guests of the restaurants and the squares with Mohamed.
Since they all live on Bella Vista, the clubhouse is open when necessary.

The club house, pool and apartments in the club house have been renovated in the past two years. Environmentally friendly warm water and electricity are generated via new solar systems.

The Bella Vista tennis courts have been refurbished using a special process in recent years, if necessary. The tennis players are satisfied with the seats at Bella Vista. Around 60 adult tennis players currently have an annual subscription. The tennis clubs on Thursday and Sunday are well attended and the tournaments of the young club members are very popular because they play very well and are the pride of their coach Pedro.

Christian Pieper, the caretaker and caretaker Mohamed and the trainer Pedro as well as Ingrid and Jimy want to continue to look after the tennis players and guests intensively in the future.

Fees from 2009: Guests pay 15 eur / day (in the low season if paying before entry to the 10 eur spot). Annual subscriptions cost € 120 / year (if extended before expiry).
In April 2020, as in the previous year, numerous teams will play on our courses
With Perdo Villar Almiron, an excellent trainer could be won, who manages to win young people in particular for tennis. More and more families are vacationing in the holiday homes of Bella Vista, so that the tennis players can train with Pedro or take part in the tennis camp.