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or Apdo 117 Cami de Ne Penyal
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Panora restaurant

In the restaurant, the guests may relax. There are spaghetti, pasta, fish, meat and salads for the players. There are also Spanish specialties, such as tapas, pa-amboli, almond cake and local dishes. It is famous for the apple pie, tapas, paella, barbecue, stews, almond cake with almond ice cream, fresh orange and lemon juice and spanish beer aund Paulaner beer from Bavaria.

In the summer, the varios meats and fishes are on order grilled at 7:30 pm. There are fresh salads and spicy vegetables. The high quality of the barbecue is attested by the regular arrival of many residences.


The registration is possible simply by calling Tel: 971-813519..

From October to May, the Panoramalokal with the beautiful view terrace is a place of attraction for hikers in the natural reserve of Na Penyal. The hikers will enjoy the stews, apple pancakes and freshly squeezed orange juice and almond cake during the hike.

The newly created green path from Manacor to Arta leads directly past the restaurant, which means that the cyclists may visit Bella Vista and enjoy their meals there.

 For the groups of tennis players at Bella Vista, the gastronomy offers food arrangements. Such arrangements are also made for families and holidaymakers at the Finca. Particularly noteworthy is the flexibility with regard to special wishes.


The restaurateurs Ingrid and Jimy, who have been new since 1.1.2020, cannot yet offer all traditional dishes. However, the tennis players are happy that the club bar is offering food again.